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Your Home Augusta - Home Improvement Magazine

With our home improvement focused magazine, you’ll get a full page advertisement distributed every month to local grocery stores, professional offices, and real estate offices, and specifically to the top 500 real estate agents in Augusta. In effect, you'll get access to 5,000 potential customers looking to purchase home improvement services from your business.  

  • Targeted Mixed Distribution – Our blend of forced and passive distribution ensures more visability for your business. We deliver the magazine to the top 500 real estate agents in Augusta, who represent 84% of the houses sold in the last year. That’s over 7,000 houses sold! By getting your ad in front of these top local real estate agents, you’ll be more likely to get referrals and repeat business. We also deliver 4,500 copies to local grocery stores, professional offices, and real estate offices, which provides your business with access to customers who pick up the magazine and actively search for businesses to help with their home improvement needs. 
  • Transparent Affordable Advertising – $600 is the price per month, for every advertiser. No inflated rate card pricing. No hidden promotional pricing. Just one fixed, non-negotiable rate for a full page ad. We want to work with serious businesses who know that $600 per month is a great bargain for a full page ad and who know that they can make a return on their investment. All advertisers have the option to pay in full and save up to $1200 per year. 
  • Focused on Home Improvement – Our magazine is highly focused on home improvement services. You won't find a bunch of restaurants, real estate listings, or automotive ads cluttering up the magazine. Our audience picks up the magazine specifically searching for home improvement services when they have a need and are ready to buy your services.  

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Special Limited Time Bonus

If you’re one of the first 12 advertisers to get started with us, you’ll receive a special bonus and get your full page ad featured on the back cover of the magazine for one month during your first year of advertising with us. 

That’s a $1200 value!

This is a truly limited time bonus. We can literally only offer this special bonus to the first 12 advertisers!

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Advertising Agreement

We require a 12 month agreement. Here's why:

  • Repeat advertising works. One time ads are not as likely to produce results and we want our advertisers to be profitable. 
  • We don't want to work with fly by night contractors and companies who can't afford to advertise. 
  • Our goal is to deliver a long term advertising solution for local legitimate home improvement businesses. 
  • We want the best of the best to advertise with us and want our audience to be able to trust the companies we allow to advertise in our magazine. 

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